Alternative to SiteSucker

SiteSucker is a free tool for Mac OS that you can install to download your entire website to your local hard disk. It also comes with a pro version which is limited to 100 pages/files within the trial period.

Here is the detailed comparison of Sitesucker and webtozip:

It has a free option👍 (max. 100 pages/files within the trial)👍 (more than 1000 pages in free)
Works across all systemsNo, Sitesucker is only available for MacOS.Yes, it’s a web app that can even be used from your mobile device!
Replace URLsNo, Sitesucker automatically converts a website to work on your computer, but it’s not optimized for hosted optionsYes, it provides options for offline usage, relative path, or replacing the full URL.
Simple UINo, Sitesucker is quite complex to handle and requires some understanding to make it work.Yes, click a button, and that’s it. No complex UI and no need to understand the technical details behind it.
SupportThere is no support available.You get dedicated support from the developer

Other alternatives for downloading a website

We also cover a couple of other alternative tools for downloading your website. Make sure to check out these articles as well:

Want to make your website static?

webtozip offers the easiest and fastest way to download a static copy of your website, and we are working on some awesome pro features like:

  • automatically minify HTML/CSS/JS
  • automatically optimize images
  • doing large conversions (1k pages and more)
  • Search & replace paths
  • static search solution based on Fuse.js

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