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webtozip is a flexible and powerful tool that can help with various use cases.

Let’s jump right in and take a look at the most popular ones.

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Own your website.

Free hosting

Are you tired of the fees you get charged for hosting a basic website created with tools like Wix, Webflow, or Framer?

Use webtozip to download your entire website and host it for free on services like Cloudflare Pages, Netlify, or Vercel.

  • Download and self-host Wix websites
  • Download and self-host Webflow websites
  • Download and self-host LeadPages websites
  • Download and self-host Framer websites
Migrate your website
Why download a website?

Migrate your content.

Content Migration

Are you planning a relaunch and having trouble extracting the content of the current website?

Our tool can download the website including all images and other files for you.

We can clean the HTML output for you, and you get a structured file. Copy and paste it into your new tool without losing the page’s structure.

The data layer of the future.

Machine Learning & AI

Use a website as a data layer and train your AI models from your local computer to increase the speed.

Use our Rest API to automate data aggregation for your AI tool.

  • train models from your local computer
  • automate data aggregation with our Rest API
  • Use AI summarization with any website
Migrate your website
Use website offline

Download the web.

Use it offline

Make a copy of your entire website for offline usage.

We replace the paths accordingly to make sure it works right away.

Use it for studying, for intranet solutions or to archive an old project.

  • Download a website for studying
  • Create an intranet website
  • Archive an old project



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