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Download an entire website with the online website downloader, webtozip.
Here are the features that make webtozip the best website downloader on the planet.

Easy to setup

All you need to download a complete website with webtozip, is a URL and the type of structure you want to convert to.

  • Offline – if you want to view the website from your local computer for offline viewing/offline use.
  • Offline (Relative Path) – this relative link structure is useful if you want to host the website on a server.
  • & Offline (Absolute URL) – like a relative path but will use links with the absolute URLs you define.

We do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes and send you an email with a download link once it’s ready.

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Automation and ZIP download

Safe & Secure

Our website downloader has been built with privacy and security in mind.

We don’t track you or your actions, all your personal data is encrypted, and we update regularly to ensure maximum security.

We never check which sites have been downloaded unless you need help from support.

Not just HTML files

Our exports include all the files that make up your website.

This includes images (JPG, PNGs, GIFs), videos, HTML, CSS (stylesheets), JavaScript, and even files like PDF or Word documents.

We continuously extending the supported file types to improve our downloading engine.

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Why download a website?

Download as ZIP

We automatically ZIP the downloaded web pages and files and provide you with a link to download them.

With the Professional plan, you can further automate it using our webhook integration or Zapier to fit it into your workflow.

Downloading is just the beginning. Automate your entire archival process with the professional plan.

Other Download Formats

Save your entire website as a PDF, Microsoft Word document (.docx), or a plain text file (.txt).

Select the option you want before downloading, and webtozip will do the rest.

We continuously extend the download formats available – looking for something specific? Reach out.

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Awesome customer support


Webtozip downloads websites with SEO in mind, including retaining the site’s link structure, image ALT tags, and more.

We can also parse your XML Sitemap for even better results when downloading your website.

We care about SEO. Don’t lose all the work you’ve spent optimizing your website when downloading it.

Rest API

Want to build your own solution on top of webtozip? We offer Rest API access within the paid plans.

Run exports and download the ZIP file later within your own application or setup.

Check our API Documentation for more information.

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Fast conversion from dynamic to static websites

Predictable Pricing

We charge based on the download size – it’s that easy.

You get 200 pages and files on the free plan, 1.500 pages and files on the starter plan, and up to 15.000 pages and files on the business plan.

Need more? Talk to us, and we can offer you a custom-tailored plan for your use-case.

Help & Support

We care about our customers and provide top-notch support via email.

Have a pressing question or need a custom integration for your workflow? Our website ripper experts are just a message away.

You get support from the developers behind webtozip, not some random support agent.

Migrate your website

Download your website now.

Add your domain and e-mail, and we download your entire website.
Once finished, you get an e-mail with the download link to the ZIP file.