• Website Mirroring

    What is a mirror site? A mirror site is a static copy of your website on another server. It can be used as a backup, as an easy way to move to another server if you have lost the logins to your old hosting provider, or as a way to have an archive of your […]

  • Alternative to Archivarix

    Archivarix is an online tool to download your entire website from an snapshot. It works pretty similarly to webtozip, but you are limited to the available snapshots on, while webtozip will make a copy from your live website. Here is a detailed comparison of Archivarix and webtozip: Features Archivarix webtozip It has a […]

  • Alternative to SiteSucker

    SiteSucker is a free tool for Mac OS that you can install to download your entire website to your local hard disk. It also comes with a pro version which is limited to 100 pages/files within the trial period. Here is the detailed comparison of Sitesucker and webtozip: Features Sitesucker webtozip It has a free […]

  • Static Forms with Formspree

    In this tutorial, we show how static forms with Formspree work. Usually, you already have a form on your dynamic website – the problem is that those forms need a server to work. They need a server to process the submission, a server to send the e-mail to you and your users, and one to […]

  • Alternative to HTTrack

    HTTrack is a free tool that you can download and install on your local computer to download your existing website to your computer. While the software is quite old, it does work, but the feature set is limited. HTTrack also does not seem to be actively maintained anymore, as the latest update is from 2017, […]

  • ZIP hosting on

    This tutorial will show you how to host your zip file on What is Think of as the companion app to webtozip. Similar to generating a zip file of a dynamic website with one click, offers zip hosting by uploading the file and adding the name of your project. Download your […]