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This tutorial will show you how to host your zip file on

What is

Think of as the companion app to webtozip. Similar to generating a zip file of a dynamic website with one click, offers zip hosting by uploading the file and adding the name of your project.

Download your website as a zip file

Go to add your domain and choose “Relative Path” or “Absolute URL” as the export mode. Add your e-mail address and click on “Request ZIP file”. Download the ZIP file from the download link you’ve from the e-mail – preparation is done.

zip hosting with webtozip

Setup your project and upload the ZIP

You can either use the uploader on the frontend of the website or create an account and use the uploader within the dashboard. I already have an account so I logged in and started uploading my ZIP file to

Once you click on the “Upload” button, you will get some additional settings like the project name, if you want to use password protection or not, and the uploader to drag and drop your ZIP file into:

Click on launch, and that’s it. Your website is now available at You can also configure custom domains within the dashboard, updating an existing website by uploading an updated ZIP file. also ships with integrated and GPDR-friendly analytics out of the box.

Want to make your website static?

webtozip offers the easiest and fastest way to download a static copy of your website, and we are working on some awesome pro features like:

  • automatically minify HTML/CSS/JS
  • automatically optimize images
  • doing large conversions (1k pages and more)
  • Search & replace paths
  • static search solution based on Fuse.js

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