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Clone any website for offline use with the free website cloner, webtozip. Effortlessly clone entire websites, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files, directly to your local directory with just a website URL and your email address.

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Clone any full website with ease using webtozip, your reliable and secure website cloner. From small projects to extensive websites, our tool is tailored to fit your needs.

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Webtozip is a free tool that will allow you to download, save, and copy an original website for offline viewing and use.

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Start with our straightforward service for cloning small sites or upgrade to our paid packages for larger ones.

Robust Security & Privacy

Benefit from our advanced security features and privacy protection with our paid plans, ensuring your cloned website and web pages are safely stored and protected.

Complete Website Cloning

Effortlessly download and clone any site’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript website files with webtozip. No need to manually copy website source code or use intricate command-line crawlers.

Flexible Cloning Options

Save your cloned website as a ZIP file, or choose our Starter and Professional packages for enhanced options like PDF or TXT file formats.

Advanced Features

Unlock advanced functionalities with our API access, no-code automation, and configurable cloning options.

SEO Optimization

Ensure your cloned website maintains its SEO structure with our meticulous preservation of HTML files, style sheets, ALT tags, and more.

Fast and Dependable

Whether you’re using a Windows PC, Mac, or Linux machine, experience swift and reliable downloads.

Predictable Pricing

Our clear pricing structure ensures you know what you’re getting, whether you’re cloning a single web page or an entire website.

Help & Support

Rely on our expert support team included with our paid plans, ready to assist you in cloning, saving, and managing your websites.

No matter the use case – we have the tool.

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No matter who you are, or what you want to use webtozip for, we’ve got you covered.

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  • Research & Documentation
  • Backup & Save Old Projects
  • Archival Processes



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