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No need for website download software. To rip an entire website for free, all you need is a website URL, your email address, and webtozip. It’s as easy as that!

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Webtozip is a fast and secure website downloader that allows you to copy websites and download files from your whole website in a few clicks. Once downloaded, your complete website can be used for offline viewing (on an offline browser), local development, and more.

Easy setup

To rip a website, all you need is an internet connection, the website URL, and you’re email address.

Safe & Secure

We don’t track you or your actions. All your personal data is encrypted, and we ensure maximum security.

Not just HTML files

We download your entire website, including images, CSS and JavaScript files, not just HTML.

Download as ZIP

Get your ZIP file and upload it as a backup to a static hosting provider. Or download it to your local hard drive or use it in a local directory.

Other Download File Types

Save your entire website as PDF files, Microsoft Word document (.docx), or a plain text file (.txt) if full website code isn’t what you need.


webtozip downloads websites with SEO in mind, including retaining the site’s link structure, image ALT tags, and more.

Fast Downloads

Our tool is trimmed for speed. No matter the size of your website, we deliver your ripped website in minutes.

Predictable Pricing

You get 1.500 pages & files on the starter plan, and up to 15.000 pages & files on the business plan.

Help & Support

Need some help along the way? Our help system and support is included in all paid plans.

Why should you rip your website?

There are several reasons to download your entire website. Here are a couple of the most common ones:

  • You want to switch to a static site setup
  • You want to migrate content to a new tool
  • You want to browse your website offline

Why this tool?

Existing tools are hard to configure, and most aren’t maintained anymore. We are here to make this process as easy as possible for you.

Easily rip entire websites with a single click of a button. Predictable pricing based on the number of pages and files you want to use with our website ripper.



We handled the download of more than 10,000 websites.



We archived more than 21,681,270 pages and files for our customers.



We have helped more than 150 happy users all over the world.

Simple Pricing

Choose your plan

Whether you’re learning how to clone a website or are a seasoned professional,
webtozip offers transparent pricing and solutions to fit your needs.




Nothing beats a free plan for testing the waters.

Completely free

Up to 250 pages & files per download

No signup required

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